Mission & Vision


The mission of the International Association of Environmental Scientists and Professionals is the promotion of multidisciplinary in the field of environmental protection and networking among scientists, professionals, students and stakeholders on a national and international level.

The IAESP is also focused on knowledge dissemination and transfer and its application for the benefit and prosperity of every section of society.

The IAESP provide support to its members in networking and mobility in purpose of professional training and education.


The vision of the International Association of Environmental Scientists and Professionals is to be an active knowledge and networking provider on a national and international level.

With the organization of educational seminars, conferences, training, and field trips, the IAESP aims to be an excellent international coordinator which will contribute to the innovation and public presentation of new ideas and solutions for sustainable development.

The IAESP will cooperate with scientific and educational institutions with the aim to contribute to the development of competent and high-quality experts and enable knowledge transfer from internationally acknowledged scientific researchers and professionals to students, young scientists and career beginners.

The IAESP wants to be recognized as a desirable and reliable multidisciplinary project and business partner, excellence organizer of national and international scientific and professional meetings, training and similar events.

To achieve these goals, the IAESP will cooperate with educational and professional institutions making a international platform and network for knowledge exchange and education.